Improve guest and resident satisfaction by giving your Front Desk better tools!

More guests, more devices, more Internet, more demands.

You can’t train every front desk agent for every technical question, but we can make it look like you have.

FDGenius empowers your staff by giving them a clear, simple way to see everything on your guest network. They can give quick, knowledgeable answers - over the phone and in person.

But we know the desk gets busy, and we wouldn’t leave you hanging on the tough calls - so we’ll also back you up, taking some or all of your calls, directly from guests.

Lower your support costs and look good doing it.

Unifi Phone

With simple pricing, clever automation and powerful tools, we’re changing the way guest and resident Internet is being managed. In the past, you could get that level of integration only by scrapping your existing network and putting in the most expensive equipment. Now, you can replace just one router and start improving the Internet experience.

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